Josh Nelson Residency at Blue Whale every Wednesday in December

There’s not a lot to add to what it says on this nifty poster.  Pianist extraordinaire Josh Nelson will be playing on and producing a four part residency program at Blue Whale, featuring a gaggle of great musicians and artists.  It’s an extravaganza!  Each week has something different, from original video works to a don’t-you-dare-miss-it set of duo keyboard between Josh and Larry Goldings, sets that feature LA’s well-established heroes in guitarist Larry Koonse and drummer Joe La Barbara, tenor virtuosos Ben Wendel and Walter Smith III, and a fiery closing show at the end of the month with get-out-of-the-way bebop with firebrand drummers Dan Schnelle and Kevin Kanner (the latter visiting LA after recently leaving for the Big Apple).

These shows are like windows into the local musical community that Josh has been at the center at for much of the last decade, a tight-knit group of friends who have all made their individual marks on the the younger jazz movement that is really coming into it’s own in Los Angeles.  If you want to know what’s happening these days as far as jazz in LA, seeing these four shows would give you a pretty comprehensive overview.

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