Daniel Rosenboom at Blue Whale

by gary fukushima

So this is so embarrassingly late, but tonight (2/9) trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom is bringing his unique blend of creativity, lyricism, and unmitigated raw trumpet power to Blue Whale.  Seriously, he’s one of the best trumpet technicians out there, and his music always rocks.  See my previous LA Weekly pick for more background on Dan.

Tonight’s show features another unique performer, Kai Kurosawa, who specicalizes in a peculiar instrument called Bear Trax, which is a next generation version of the Warr Guitar, and the Chapman Stick before that.  Essentially it’s a giant guitar with 12 strings that you tap on with both hands, allowing you to play kind of like a piano.  I’m pretty sure you would find such an instrument in the bands of Klingons, and the music that would emanate from such bands would be similar to the music that Dan Rosenboom writes.

Rounding out the band are guitarist Alex Noice and drummer Dan Schnelle, both of whom are from the planet Klingon.  Also featuring cool photography by Eron Rauch.  Here’s a sample:

If you have plans, just cancel them.  This will be good.

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