Adam Ratner: Haden/Ornette tribute feat. Darek Oles, Sat 7/11

Oles/Ratner/Sears/Atwal – Music of Charlie Haden & Ornette Coleman
Saturday, July 11
The Springs, 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles 90021

Adam Ratner, guitar
Darek Oles, bass
Richard Sears, piano
Hamir Atwal, drums

Here’s a show of note coming up soon.  Guitarist Adam Ratner was student of the late great bassist Charlie Haden, who passed away a year ago.  With the recent passing of saxophonist Ornette Coleman, who along with Haden formed one of the most iconic bands of the 20th century, Ratner felt compelled to revisit some music he had previously put together to honor Charlie, this time on the first anniversary of his death.  This reiteration of the tribute will be extend to include more works by Ornette.  The show is also notable for the inclusion of bassist Darek Oles in the band.  Oles was once a student of Haden, and has been one of LA’s greatest jazz bassists for a long time, and he has followed in his mentor’s footsteps as a beloved instructor at CalArts, where Haden taught for many years.

The Springs is relatively new performance space with a spacious atmosphere, great healthy food and yoga for those so inclined.

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