The Los Angeles Jazz Collective was created in order to help foster a stronger jazz community in and around the city of Los Angeles.  It is our aim to highlight the wide array of talent particular to modern jazz that already exists in this area, and to discover and nurture homegrown talent from the thousands of young musicians that live here, with the hope they will one day be the bedrock of a stronger jazz community in Los Angeles.

We hope to do this through a four-pronged approach:

(1) Events:  The LAJC will sponsor regular events throughout the year that features local jazz artists and students of jazz, providing a visible platform for those artists to become better known to a wider music audience.  Events will be held in a variety of settings, such as art museums, schools, private homes, libraries, outdoor festivals, concert halls, and most importantly, jazz clubs, the latter being in dire need of assistance to ensure their survival.  Eventually, we hope to produce events outside of Los Angeles to bring greater awareness to our local musicians.

(2) Artist Promotion:  The LAJC will help to highlight new albums by jazz artists in Los Angeles, through online reviews, podcasts, promotional downloads, and by featuring those artists in our sponsored events.

(3) Education:  The LAJC will conduct workshops, clinics, and festivals for schools and community centers, and seek to collaborate with other arts organizations and educational institutions to add a jazz curriculum to their programs or help to facilitate existing ones.

(4) Advocacy:  The LAJC will use its collective power to draw attention to jazz awareness in the general public, through the use of traditional and new media, including (but not limited to) magazine and newspaper articles, radio shows, podcasts, internet blogs, et al.  We would stress the importance of continued support and funding, both public and private, for the arts and for jazz music and education in particular.

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